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English House Academy Offering Course Such as:

Crash course for spoken English

English House offers customized solutions to all your English language related requirements. We are here to serve you best Spoken English training to help you achieve your goals.Read more...

Regular spoken English course

Spoken English courses at English house are known best for their success rates. Our expert mentors will help you to overcome your fears regarding the English language with great ease. Read more...

Diploma in advance English training

Once you learn English you will be tempted to learn the advanced English language which is much more useful than English. Using smart English with appropriate words regarding the situations and conditions will present your better self in front of others.Read more...

Home Tuition

English house believes in an interactive session in educating aspirants. We offer personal attention through home tuitions to instill confidence in speaking English. English is never this much easy as we provide four skills – listening, writing, reading and speaking.

Business English

English is a huge language having its own sub-branches for the various fields. The specialized branch of business English deals with all the technical and corporate level English.Read more...

Soft skill training

Corporate world is full of skilled people and you should develop some essential abilities to make your place in that world. Complete personality development is one of the ways to do so.Read more...

Corporate etiquettes

Corporate world is a place where you must maintain some etiquette to not hurt or affront anyone. Knowledge of them will be of great help to you in future.Read more...

Email drafting

Emails are a very essential part of our day to day life. We get the need to send an email due to some or the other reason any day. Although emails are just like letter, there is a specific pattern of composing emails according to the receiver.Read more...

Weekend course for English language

If you want to learn English despite of your daily work routine, you do not have to worry about that. English house is providing you special weekend classes of English language so that no one is deprived of the facility to learn English.Read more...

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