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Summer offer: Avail free Spoken English and Personality Development demo. Summer offer: Avail free Spoken English and Personality Development demo.     

Crash course for spoken English

English House offers customized solutions to all your English language related requirements. We are here to serve you best Spoken English training to help you achieve your goals.Read more...

Regular spoken English course

Spoken English courses at English house are known best for their success rates. Our expert mentors will help you to overcome your fears regarding the English language with great ease.Read more...

Diploma in advance English training

Once you learn English you will be tempted to learn the advanced English language which is much more useful than English.Read more...

Home tuition

We understand the requirements of our students and try to fulfill them so that we can provide knowledge of English language to everyone.Read more...

Business English

English is a widely accepted language all over the world and an international means of communication. Read more...

Soft skill training

Corporate world is full of skilled people and you should develop some essential abilities to make your place in that world.Read more...

Corporate etiquettes

Corporate world is a place where certain etiquettes need to be followed so it can be defined as exhibiting good social manners and acceptable behavior in a business environment.Read more...

Email drafting

It is undeniable that in today’s modern business world, Email is the most effective means of communication. The foremost requirement of any business is sending and receiving emails.Read more...

Weekend course for English language

If you want to learn English despite of your daily work routine, you do not have to worry about that. English house is providing you special weekend classes of English language soRead more...

Mock interview practice

Interviews are the most important part of anyone’s life and career. It is important for you to ensure that you are well prepared to face the interviewers.Read more...

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2018-07-16 13:16:23

Conflict management

Conflict management

Conflict management is the practice of being able to handle conflicts between individuals and groups fairly, effectively and sensibly. Conflicts are a part of the company and there are people who understand conflicts and can resolve them.

2018-07-16 11:29:07

Why one should learn English language?

Why one should learn English language?

In today’s competitive era, English is absolutely essential for everyone – be it housewives, students, school dropouts, professionals, businessmen, retired people, corporate, job seekers and what not. Let’s take their cases one by one. The events during which housewives/homemakers need English speaking skill are open house meeting, dealing with relatives or society members, visiting banks, […]



Having get-together with DJ night and dinner on coming weekend


On Republic Day, students had group discussion on various national issues. They also exchanged their thoughts on how to become responsible citizens of India.


I am very thankful to English House, after joining English House there is an improvement in my lifestyle. Now I can read, write and understand this language. Even, I can talk to people in English. Whatever I think I can express my thoughts in English.
Chirag jagodana AH-115 Happy Student
I have learnt various ways of communication with English House, not only my communicating abilities but my complete personality has changed.
Rajani bhiani AH-108 Happy Student
English House was a decision by my parents, but I thank them now to give me this exposure. Really without English House’s trainers I would have never been able to learn English.
Jitendra darji AH-96 Happy Student
Manners & Etiquette is something I have loved learning at English House. Thanks for letting me joining this workshop.
Harsh patel AH-68 Happy Student
Grammar course module is perfect to learn easy English with English House. I was not at all confident that I would ever learn English speaking, but I am thankful to Rahul Sir to give me this motivation to learn.
Janak chaudhari AH-118 Happy Student
I was thinking all English classes just do advertisement, but I am happy English House ensures all its students learn English thoroughly.
Chirag jagodana AH-115 Happy Student
English House has good ambiance and perfect environment to study English, I have admired the way teachers deal with all students.
Ankit parekh AH-112 Happy Student
To English House, Hello everyone. As elders say endings are inevitable so here I am bidding my farewell by sharing my experience about English House. Let me start by saying that I am a proud learner of English House. It has given me a platform through which I could enhance my skills in fruitful way. I am thankful to Rahul sir for providing me the best that he could provide. I am thankful to faculties for imparting the essential knowledge which has won many admirers. English House has helped me in creating the new Hiteshree Mehta, who is confident enough to speak in front of anyone now. It has helped me to overcome my lack of confidence by enhancing my vocabulary. A number of role plays have been enacted so that I could face the outside world with great confidence. That’s all I’ve got to say. Thank you so much. Yours sincerely, Hiteshree Mehta Roll no.: S717-98 Joining date: 26/07/2017 Leaving date: 08/10/2017
Hiteshree Mehta, Roll no. S717-98 Happy Student
I joined before 2 months ago and I have a good experience with English House. Their teaching methods are unique and faculties are very kind and helpful. A best part is that there is a flexible time to learn.
Dhaval Joshi Happy Student
I have much more improved my English speaking skill and soft skills. How to speak with any businessman and how to succeed in interview - English House has taught me almost all soft skills.
Jignesh Baraiya Happy Student
English House Has Been Very Helpful To Us And Their All Faculties Are Very Friendly To Us And I Am Enjoying Here To Learn English.
Shushant Pandey Happy Student