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Summer offer: Avail free Spoken English and Personality Development demo. Summer offer: Avail free Spoken English and Personality Development demo.     

English House Academy Offering Course Such as:

Crash course for spoken English

English House offers customized solutions to all your English language related requirements. We are here to serve you best Spoken English training to help you achieve your goals.Read more...

Regular spoken English course

Spoken English courses at English house are known best for their success rates. Our expert mentors will help you to overcome your fears regarding the English language with great ease. Read more...

Diploma in advance English training

Once you learn English you will be tempted to learn the advanced English language which is much more useful than English. Using smart English with appropriate words regarding the situations and conditions will present your better self in front of others.Read more...

Home Tuition

English house believes in an interactive session in educating aspirants. We offer personal attention through home tuitions to instill confidence in speaking English. English is never this much easy as we provide four skills – listening, writing, reading and speaking.

Business English

English is a huge language having its own sub-branches for the various fields. The specialized branch of business English deals with all the technical and corporate level English.Read more...

Soft skill training

Corporate world is full of skilled people and you should develop some essential abilities to make your place in that world. Complete personality development is one of the ways to do so.Read more...

Corporate etiquettes

Corporate world is a place where you must maintain some etiquette to not hurt or affront anyone. Knowledge of them will be of great help to you in future.Read more...

Email drafting

Emails are a very essential part of our day to day life. We get the need to send an email due to some or the other reason any day. Although emails are just like letter, there is a specific pattern of composing emails according to the receiver.Read more...

Weekend course for English language

If you want to learn English despite of your daily work routine, you do not have to worry about that. English house is providing you special weekend classes of English language so that no one is deprived of the facility to learn English.Read more...

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Why one should learn English language?

Why one should learn English language?

In today’s competitive era, English is absolutely essential for everyone – be it housewives, students, school dropouts, professionals, businessmen, retired people, corporate, job seekers and what not. Let’s take their cases one by one. The events during which housewives/homemakers need English speaking skill are open house meeting, dealing with relatives or society members, visiting banks, […]



Having get-together with DJ night and dinner on coming weekend


On Republic Day, students had group discussion on various national issues. They also exchanged their thoughts on how to become responsible citizens of India.


To English House, Hello everyone. As elders say endings are inevitable so here I am bidding my farewell by sharing my experience about English House. Let me start by saying that I am a proud learner of English House. It has given me a platform through which I could enhance my skills in fruitful way. I am thankful to Rahul sir for providing me the best that he could provide. I am thankful to faculties for imparting the essential knowledge which has won many admirers. English House has helped me in creating the new Hiteshree Mehta, who is confident enough to speak in front of anyone now. It has helped me to overcome my lack of confidence by enhancing my vocabulary. A number of role plays have been enacted so that I could face the outside world with great confidence. That’s all I’ve got to say. Thank you so much. Yours sincerely, Hiteshree Mehta Roll no.: S717-98 Joining date: 26/07/2017 Leaving date: 08/10/2017
Hiteshree Mehta, Roll no. S717-98 Happy Student
My experience with English house has been very nice. I have learnt so many new things from here. Now I am quite able to speak in English.
Brinda Jhala Happy Student
English house is the best place to learn English. When I came here, I was not even able to speak a single word in English. But now I have started speaking in English. It has been a wonderful experience. I made many friends too.
Dhara Prajapati Happy Student
My experience with English House is very good. When I came here for the first time, I didn’t know much English, I couldn’t speak English. But now, I am able to speak in English very well. Faculties are very helpful and friendly. I felt really good to come to English House. I love to come here.
Hardik Patel Happy Student
When I first took admission in English House, at that time I was very nervous. How the trainers would be, how I will learn English, but after some time when I learnt English over here, my nervousness got away. The trainers have very friendly nature. Because of that, I learnt English very quickly and nicely.
Hetal Shah Happy Student
My journey with English House has been very good. I have learnt a lot from here. Now, I can speak English fluently and my personality has also improved. I am a software engineer and I can communicate with my international clients easily. Thanks to English House for helping me.
Hiren Oza Happy Student
Leaving English House was indeed sorrowful. I miss all the faculties of English House especially Harshil Sir and Chintan Sir. Those were one of the best days of my life. I have learnt lots of new things from English House. Harshil Sir improved my grammar and Chintan Sir improved my spoken English.
Jay Shah Happy Student
Overall experience of learning English has been quite good. Especially, my grammar faculty Harshil Sir. He teaches very nicely. Now, I can communicate with my clients, just because of English house.
Jevin Kaneriya Happy Student
Before few months, I had quit my study and because of that I was very disturbed. One day, I got to know about English House, and I thought of joining. I joined this class, at that time I did not know English well. My parents and friends are very happy with my improvement. I made many friends over here. I am very thankful to Pratima Ma’am that she supported me and guided me throughout the learning sessions. Now, I can speak English and feel confident just because of Pratima Ma’am.
Jhanvi Soni Happy Student
I have had nice experience with English House. I like to come to English house. Grammar and spoken faculties are very nice. I have learnt reading and lots of new words. Now, I can speak broken English. It has motivated me.
Jigna Shukla Happy Student
My experience with English House has been great. The institute teaches very well. My journey with English House has been wonderful now. I feel I have gained confidence. I can speak and now I feel everything is possible.
Kamlesh Happy Student
The journey with English house has been wonderful and knowledgeable. I can see remarkable change in me. I have gained so much of confidence and, Become more fluent and also my personality has enhanced.
Kanika Watwani Happy Student
I like to come to English House. There are good faculties over here. Overall management is good. I have learnt grammar and now I feel confident.
Mikin Patel Happy Student
English House is a good institute for learning the English language. Faculties here impart good teaching. It is the best institute for beginners who wish to learn the basics.
Nidhi Panara Happy Student
In English House, the teaching style is very good. All faculties of English House have very good nature and behaviour. In English House, timing is flexible. So, I can come at my convenient time. I like to come to English House because we learn new things every day. My experience is very good with my faculty and other students. My communication skill of speaking is improving.
Nirav Prajapati Happy Student
I could not imagine this improvement in me. This has made me more confident and, Now I can speak anywhere and with anybody with greater confidence.
Priti Patel Happy Student
Before joining English House, I had fundamental knowledge about the language, but after joining, I got confidence about speaking this language. Right now, I am used to speaking English and also motivated about living positive life.
Shrikant Pathgi Happy Student
English House provides a suitable environment for learning English. All faculties are so kind. They provide flexible time. So, anyone can come foe learning at anytime. Also, they provide teaching from basic level and with easy way too. Seriously, there are no any juxtapose of “English house”
Shruti Virani Happy Student
I am very glad that I have joined this institute. I love to come here because we learn new things every day. We have done lots of activities, role plays etc. I have also made many friends over here. All faculties of English House are very friendly. Thanks a lot to Simran Ma’am for love and support.
Shushant Pandey Happy Student
I joined English House as I am preparing for UPSC Exams. English is very essential for me in Mains and also for the interview. Pratima Ma’am teaches English Grammar very well and I love to learn from her. I made very nice group also. Before I joined English House, I did not understand grammar, but now I feel confident and I can communicate in English.
Sonal Tiwari Happy Student
Till now my experience has been good in English house. I am learning more and many things over here. Nowadays I can speak very easily in English language.
Tanvi Sinha Happy Student
My experience with English House has been wonderful. I have done my grammar and now I am trying to improve my spoken skills. I have improved a lot.
Vijay Jaiswal Happy Student